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Scientists Making Human Pig Hybrid (Science )
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Miss Piggy may soon be a real person!

That sounds like the most outrageous headline, doesn’t it? While humans and pigs do share certain similarities (such as the similarity in skin and muscle composition), there is very little the two have in common. So to hear that scientists are making half-pigs, half-humans seems a stretch!

Well, here’s the truth: scientists have produced pig embryos that are able to carry human cells. The idea behind this is to generate animal organs that will be able to be transplanted into humans. With the human cells, the organs won’t be rejected by the human body. Thus, doctors will have a new source of organs for transplantation.

A team of scientists from the Salk Institute in California have been experimenting with this for only a short while. In fact, the NIH only lifted the ban on the funding for this sort of research in August 2016. As the data published in the journal Cell proves, the technique is far from perfect. However, it is one step closer to finding a way to increase the availability of organs.
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