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Strange Sun Phenomenon

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So the other day a video was released that made it look like there were 3 suns.

Anytime some strange phenomenon happens there is always a news story with some genius to explain it away as totally normal.

I would like to hear everyones thoughts on this one


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I don't remember seeing sundogs growing up. But then again they didn't spray metal in the skies back then either.

A few months back we were looking into the possibility there may be more then one sun. How we came to that conclusion was sunrise times.

If you google sunrise times for Boston and Miami on August 21, 2017 the times are about an hour apart.

Sunset times are off but not as much.

Now of course we mapped out sunrise and sunset times times for all major cities across North America and it only gets weirder. The sun appeared to travel North to South along the east coast of the United States?

Our conclusion was either the Map is nothing like we are told? We have more then one sun? Or google is wrong?

Something is definitely up with our Sun. I rarely see sunrises/sunsets anymore. They usually spray the skies in the early morning and late afternoon in my area.

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What makes you think there is more then one sun?

append delete #3. rezz

What makes you think there is more then one sun?

If the maps are correct or even close following the sunrise from Maine to Florida (major cities) saw +5-8 minute increases.

Where it threw us off is when you get into upper Canada it does the same North of Ottawa. Almost like the sun comes out of a portal somewhere around Northern Canada?

All times were UTC, timezones will only screw you up.

Our intent was to see if the sun actually moves from the east to west. For the east coast of America during the month of August the sun was moving north to south.
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I actually took note to what rezz said about them spraying at sunset and noticed the same thing yesterday. The entire western part of the sky was hazy, and it almost looked like there were 2 suns shining through the clouds, one on top of the other.

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