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Alex Jones controlled opposition?

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His reaction to the claim of him being controlled opposition is your biggest clue.

Alex Jones watches the CT forums and he get's very upset when people call him out. For example look at his Bill Hicks interview.

He knows if he does not discuss the accusations by the community the community will dig deeper and may even expose him outright. So he pokes fun or goes ballistic on the caller like he did in the original post. This is usually enough to end the discussion and divert attention away from subjects that may have some truth behind them.

Is he controlled opposition? Absolutely!

Controlling the media also means catering to the tastes of your listeners. Otherwise they will look elsewhere. Once people realize that MSM is a joke, the first place they run to are people like Alex Jones. The controllers do not want you to dig any deeper so they give you just enough with Alex Jones to keep you entertained.

Alot of what Alex Jones points out is obviously pulled from sources on the internet. Such as forums, blogs or sites like drudgereport.

Alex Jones has been very successful at making those who question the original narrative look like complete lunatics or fools, and this fits with the agenda set by those controlling the media.

If there is one thing I have learned it is dig deeper and never accept any one individuals story.


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