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Hal Turner Banned From GLP

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Earlier this week a member by the name 'ShockJock' came out and revealed himself to be Hal Turner. Ghetto Monk deleted his thread and banned him here is Ghetto Monks response.

It has come to my attention that this man (Hal Turner) has been posting on GLP under the username 'ShockJock'. He revealed his identity last night on a thread. Just so I'm perfectly clear on this issue.. Hal Turner is NOT WELCOME ON GLP. Hal Turner if you attempt to associate yourself with this website we will sue the living shit out of you. This is your only warning. I can and will fuck you the hell up legally if you attempt to associate yourself with this website in ANY WAY. Your account has been downgraded, refunded, and banned. If you attempt to return to this website you will be digitally trespassing and criminally harassing us. Rest assured we WILL press criminal charges on you. Stay the fuck away from GLP Hal Turner. You are NOT WANTED HERE.

The thread has since been deleted but here is the link anyway.

This then went to reddit who also deleted the story.

For those of you who do not know Hal Turner he was incarcerated by the feds for comments he made on a blog back in 2006. Hal Turner was a radio show host for many years. He has been labeled a racist and FBI informant. Here is radio show from Wednesday.


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- Dig deeper into every headline and you will be amazed at what you find.

Interesting that GM banned him and gave him a refund? What did he post to get himself banned OP?

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Ok, it's almost 3 AM here on the east coast of the USA and I guess now is as good a time as any.

Yes. I am Hal Turner!

I hosted radio shows like "The RIGHT Perspective" with "John from Staten Island" and "Frank from Queens" on radio station WVNJ 1160 AM in New Jersey in 1998 AS A HOBBY! I went on my own with "The Hal Turner Show" in June of 2000.

From 1993 to 2008, I worked with the FBI. I began in the political corruption unit out of the Newark, New Jersey division.

I was personally very active in politics at the time, having just finished the job of North Jersey campaign Coordinator for Patrick J. Buchanan's presidential campaign.

In 2003, I was recruited into the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force as a National Security Intelligence operative. The JTTF was created shortly after the events of 9/11, and is operated as an independent body within the Bureau.

The bureau knew that the producer of my radio show, Gerard Coppolla, was a TV transmitter engineer by trade, employed by WNET-TV, Channel 13 in New York City (Public Television),who worked on the 107th Floor of #1 World Trade Center; the building with the giant antenna on top. Rod was killed on 9-11. His body was recovered 100 days after the attack. His autopsy showed he suffocated to death from smoke inhalation.

When asked by the FBI to get involved in fighting terrorism, I jumped at the chance! I wanted to protect my country and moreover, I wanted revenge for what they did to Rod Coppolla.

THAT was the moment the radio show I did - as a hobby - became an FBI operation. It was due to that new role within the FBI that my on-air rhetoric changed from what it was (patriotic, conservative, republican with a mischievous Libertarian streak) to a radical zealot. It was by design.

I was instructed in the use of violent, racist, anti-Semitic, anti-gay rhetoric, and "tasked" to use violent rhetoric with the goal of flushing-out crazies bent on violence, and prevent such violence. The plan worked magnificently.

Later, I was elevated to an Extra-Territorial Operative, and granted "full operational authority" by the FBI Office of Intelligence, at FBI HQ in Washington, DC. For that role, I received specialized training at both the FBI Academy in Quantico, VA and the CIA "farm" in Yorktown, VA.

At my first trial in Brooklyn federal court (December, 2009), during December, 2009, Assistant Special Agent in Charge (ASAC), Amy Pickett, the third highest ranking FBI official at the New York City division, testified under Oath that my work dealt directly with: "National Security. Terrorism and Foreign Counter-Intelligence." Hardly an "informant."

The bureau budgeted $100,000 a year for me.

Documents revealed at trial showed I was sent to foreign countries and authorized- in writing - to spy, steal, damage, destroy or kill to protect the United States. Those documents also prove that my work was "coordinated with the CIA and other agencies."

Through my job, I became privy to a slew of secret information, made numerous contacts within the clandestine services. That was how I got "inside information" about things the government knew and things the government was doing. I am still friends with quite a number of people inside the clandestine service and they still feed me considerable information.

I was never facing any criminal charges when I was recruited into the FBI or into the JTTF. I never "flipped" as a condition of staying out of trouble or getting some sweet deal for any crime. As such, I never "ratted-out" anyone.

In late 2007 into 2008, the FBI wanted me and other folks, to begin offering to provide weapons and explosives to people they deemed "radicals" inside the USA. They wanted me to "guide such targets in their natural propensity to commit violence" so they could be arrested. To me, this was ENTRAPMENT. I refused to "guide" anyone into committing an act of terrorism and ultimately, the FBI FIRED ME for "severe control issues" because I would not frame people.

About 18 months later, they arrested me for using the EXACT SAME WORDS in June, 2009, that THEY PAID ME TO USE four years earlier; that certain named federal judges "deserve to be killed."

I appeared on DATELINE NBC, and FOX NEWS CHANNEL ("At Large" with Geraldo Rivera) and used the same words on those two national TV shows.

I argued at trial that they paid me $3,000 for doing this, and I still have the pay memos which say "it is not illegal or criminal for me to give out Judges PUBLIC COURTHOUSE ADDRESSES on [my] web site."

Yet in June, 2009, I was arrested for doing just that while saying the same words "deserve to be killed" that I uttered on national TV four years earlier.

I was betrayed by the federal government, arrested, jailed, denied bail, held in Solitary Confinement for 23 Hours a day for 77 days, put on trial three times, driven into personal Bankruptcy and ultimately imprisoned.

To this very day, my Appeal CONTINUES!

There is so very much more to tell and tonight, at 9:00 PM eastern time, I will begin to reveal ALL OF IT on my nationwide talk-radio program.

The show will air on International Shortwave station WBCQ on frequency 7.490 MHz and will be simulcast on Radio station 95.1-FM in New York City and their (new) streaming web site at which will be brought online later today.

On my show tonight, I will mention GLP and the terrific community here. It will be a glowing and very positive few comments.

I intend to remain here - as long as the folks who operate this place find it allowable for me to do so.

I know there will be furious detractors, rumor-mongers, and a smattering of psychos, but I've handled that stuff for years and am thick-skinned enough to deal with it . . . . or ignore it.

I treasure the friendships I've made here and invite all of you to tune-in every Wednesday evening, from 9:00 to 11:00 PM eastern US time to listen. Feel free to call-in as well.

Thanks and best regards to all of you!

Hal Turner



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