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Openwebnews is back!

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Since July Openwebnews was seeing an uptick in attacks. After our hosting company suspended our account the first time, we moved the site behind the cloudflare service.

Even with cloudflare protection the hosting company continued to suspend our account multiple times due to CPU overloading. Instances peaked at 100,000 hits per minute.

At first the cloudflare service kept up with the attacks, till the attackers found a way around cloudflare? Eventually the attacks ended in the permanent suspension of our hosting account and they deleted the sites content along with it.

Unfortunately in this business this shit happens. The site has since been moved to an alternative host.

Back in 2015 we were testing a new format for openwebnews.

Mybb while nice is not anonymous. SQL databases have built in backdoors, this is done on purpose so that government agencies have access to users identifying information.

This version of openwebnews is completely anonymous. No tracking or logging except for a username or password.

Attacks on this site do not come from basement hackers, these attacks become more sophisticated each time. And the only people with these types of resources would be government agencies/corporations. If they cannot control a website then they will attack it until the site owner throws in the towel.

I can list a dozen sites just like this in the past 5 years that closed up shop simply because of the headaches. There is alot of money and resources out there dedicated to hiding the truth from the public. For the site owners there is simply no benefit to running a forum. Especially one that allows anonymous posting.

Enjoy true anonymity!


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