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OWN Is Now On The Tor Network!

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We have moved our main server behind the Tor network. The site will still be accessible from the internet however the site may not run as intended. We encourage our users to download the Tor Browser and access the site through Tor.

What is Tor?

The Tor network disguises your identity by moving your traffic across different Tor servers, and encrypting that traffic so it isn't traced back to you. Anyone who tries would see traffic coming from random nodes on the Tor network, rather than your computer.

Why is OWN using the Tor network?

The internet as we know it is under attack by governments all around the world. Trying to suppress the information flow on the internet is no longer a question of how but when? If you have been paying attention you already know internet regulations have been globalized.

The governments of the world are uniting under one flag, in one direction they are screaming terrorists while in the other they are secretly putting more restrictions on every human being on this planet. The whole world will soon be one big corporation!

Running this forum on the Tor network allows the visitors to this site anonymity. It also allows anonymity for the OWN servers.

A few years ago if you wanted to have some privacy on the internet you could simply find a proxy. But anymore browser developers are aligning themselves with governments and corporations and are adding hidden code to circumvent privacy concerns and disable the use of proxies.

Also known as net neutrality again the government is selling you the line free and open internet while on the other side of that coin adding more features and removing more of your privacy.

So OWN is attempting to give you back some of that privacy.

If you would like to download a browser that has not been corrupted. OWN recommends the tor browser. You can download the tor browser for every OS from Windows, Mac, Linux, there is even apps for Android.

Not only will you be able to enjoy the internet anonymously but you will also be able to access OWN from our .onion site.



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What makes you think tor is immune from attacks, you know who developed tor right?

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What makes you think tor is immune from attacks, you know who developed tor right?

I never said tor was immune from attacks? I just have no intentions of moving behind a cloudflare server after what happened last year.

I am aware that the US navy developed what is known as tor, however the government created the internet also so your argument is baseless. How many underground server ran on the tor network for years before the FEDS shut them down? This site is not breaking any laws unless you consider free and anonymous speech illegal activity?

The fact is as long as the internet is around there will always be an underground web or dark net. If you have a better idea by all means please share?

The UN has taken over all domain names with there acquisition of ICANN, this means if they want to silence you they can kill your domain. I received an email a few weeks back forcing me to update my personal details in order to keep my domain. And yet no one is saying anything about this. I have no plans of renewing this domain when it runs out that is why the .onion site tor offers helps out.

On another note search engines have been blacklisting certain sites and placing them so deep in the search results making it virtually impossible for these sites to see any increase in traffic. Basically anyone who can not be censored is forgotten or invisible on the internet. This problem is not present on the tor network.

This may not be the best option but for now it is the only option.

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Update 10/26/17

Currently openwebnews is no longer on the Tor network. If things change we will reboot the Tor server.



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