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Whatever happened to

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What ever happened to


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Alot of the splinter forums shutdown and really gave no explanation.

As far as doomjunkie is concerned, I remember most of them followed shep over to not sure what happened exactly.

Maybe someone else will fill in the blanks?

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The story goes SarahRT sold DJ without ever telling shep. Shep got pissed and started his own forum. Rumors were circulating that GM/Trinity from GLP bought the site. Either way the site was shut down briefly then pops up one day with some Guy named Kevin Doom or some shit and Olaf. SarahRT made a few appearances but it was too late DJ was dead in the water. I see Olaf did some time here where did he dissappear too?
The community is betting that shep signed something he would not talk about what happened over at DJ. I don't see what the big secret is?


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